Sexual Abuse

If you have been a victim of sexual abuse, molestation, or sexual harassment, you need a knowledgeable lawyer who will devote his time and energy to achieving the results you deserve. The law permits the victim of sexual abuse to punish the perpetrator for his or her actions, and to recover a monetary award.  Howard D. Simmons represents the victims of:

  •      Child Abuse
  •      Child Molestation
  •      Clergy Abuse
  •      Teacher Abuse
  •      Camp Counselor Abuse
  •      Foster Care Abuse
  •      Sexual Assault
  • Sexual Harassment

As a victim of sexual abuse, you may be able seek monetary damages for your medical expenses, injuries, lost wages, lost future income, physical and mental impairment, and pain and suffering. Attorney Howard D. Simmons is a compassionate, personal litigator who will get you the maximum compensation available under law.