Criminal Defense

The frightening experience of being arrested is immediately alleviated by the prompt and personal attention of Howard D. Simmons. With more than 20 years of New York and New Jersey Criminal Law experience, Mr. Simmons is the man you want in your corner when you have been charged with a crime. A former Prosecutor, he has the essential knowledge needed to achieve positive results for your case. He is a respected attorney because of his zealous advocacy, and his level headed approach to defense. When charged with a crime, you want a highly regarded, experienced attorney to work on your behalf. You want Howard D. Simmons.

A member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, he has tried upwards of ninety criminal cases in New York State and New Jersey. Recently, Mr. Simmons gained an acquittal in a Second Degree Drug Possession Case where his client was facing fifteen years in state prison. He has tried countless cases including accusations involving White Collar Crimes, Murder, DUI, Forgery, Robbery, Rape, and much more.

He also has remarkable experience in the field of Civil Litigation, and has filed many successful lawsuits in the Federal Courts on behalf of individuals whose Civil Rights have been violated due to wrongful, unlawful arrest at the hands of Police Agencies.

Howard D. Simmons is a compassionate, professional advocate who will work ceaselessly towards your interests. He possesses the skills to help you find your way through the criminal justice system, aggressively investigating each allegation and protecting the constitutional rights of his clients in each case he accepts. He won't give up, and neither should you. His extensive trial experience combined with his appellate experience produces the best result possible for his clients.

Finding representation in a criminal matter can be a daunting experience, Howard D. Simmons has defended countless individuals charged with moral turpitude, and he will be there for you night or day, accompanying you to a police precinct when necessary, or appearing promptly in a criminal court. He is dedicated to your interests, to ensuring that your constitutional rights are 100% protected.

He represents a diversity of clients and his Criminal Defense Services Include:

Arson Manslaughter
Assault & Battery Traffic Violations
Burglary, Robbery & Theft Vandalism
Conspiracy Misdemeanors
Domestic Violence Parole & Probation
Drugs & Narcotics Reckless Endangerment
DUI & DWI Resisting Arrest
Felonies Sex Offenses
Fraud or Forgery Solicitation & Prostitution
General Criminal Defense Summary Offenses
Homicide White Collar Crimes
Immigration Offenses Juvenile Crimes