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Howard Simmons has vast experience in the field of immigration law.  He has been practicing for 23 years and has had consistent success in resolving the many facets that accompany immigration issues.  The road to citizenship can be long and arduous and at times, it is a confusing process. Mr. Simmons offers individualized attention and consideration to support each client to ensure ease during this process and comfort.

There are many paths to legalization. From asylum to family-based petitions, Mr. Simmons can help you determine which relief is best and available to you. In light of the recent executive orders issued by President Donald J. Trump, many honest, hardworking immigrants in the U.S., who have qualified for visas or who are already on a path towards citizenship, have the possibility of being subject to detention and/or removal from the United States.


Mr. Simmons specializes in deportation issues.  If you are a legal permanent resident or in possession of a visa, which allows you to maintain residency in the USA, and have pled guilty/been convicted of certain designated crimes, you could be in danger of arrest and possible deportation by ICE.

In many cases, Mr. Simmons can attack your criminal conviction in court and prevent removal from the United States.